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Shopping Mall Function
We know your business on the internet supply the world best solution of e-business.
Your e-Business Partner

E-Commerce Shopping Mall
  • Anyone can purchase - members or non-members
  • Simply and easily navigated the User Interface
  • Product request functions
  • Shopping cart
  • Order and purchase functions (Credit card payment systems interlock)
  • Order status (shipping status)
  • E-mail invoice (order confirm)
  • Community board
  • Anyone can purchase - members or non-members
  • Product management functions (product register, modify, delete, display)
  • Category functions (create category, modify, delete, display)
  • Order information manage function
  • Member management function (member register, profile edit, member login management)
  • Shipping management function (shipping list, shipping status)
  • Sales data function
  • Board function
  • Credit card payment systems interlock
  • E-mail functions
  • FAQ
  • Functions to import, export the sales reports at once and save in all different types (XML / CSL / TEXT FILE / HTML / DIF / SLK / XLS)
  • Automatically register the product at Google base, e-bay, Froogle, Price Grabber, Shopzilla/ BizRate, Yahoo, DealTime
  • POS(Point of Account Sales System): ability to manage both online / offline products
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